Supermarket Damian "Amanhecer"

Establishment of direct sales to the public of DAMICARNES products among others in the "AMANHECER" group.
We have two establishments, the supermarket "Damian Amanhecer" in V. N. S. Bento, Portugal and "Despensa de Clarar" in Rosal de la Frontera - Spain.

DAMICARNES, in order to respond to customer needs, joined the project AMANHECER.

The development of this project, had in mind the small pleasures that nobody wants to miss, how to go shopping without getting into the car or without leaving your own street. It is this proximity and the genuineness of the neighborhood experience that comes a brand that wants to be present in the daily lives of consumers.

"AMANHECER" is born in 2009 as a mark of quality food at a fair price for the sale in the traditional trade. Its success opened the door to the creation of the "AMANHECER" shops, a project that marked a turning point in the business of grocery stores and mini markets, thereby providing a more efficient management combined with lower prices. Thus, it is guaranteed the contemplation of all the requirements that the market currently holds.

Joining this project has allowed the opening of a supermarket next to the premises of the factory in Vila Nova de São Bento, where it is possible to make day to day purchases, and all the DAMICARNES products from fresh meat, sausages and hams.