The Iberian Pig

Historically preserved in the Iberian Peninsula, the black pig is valued throughout the world for its full genuineness. In 27 bc, the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula was divided into two zones, and the Mediterranean forest gave rise to the holm and oak forest.

Portugal and Spain have excellent conditions for the creation of the Black Pig. The Iberian breed is descended from the southern wild boar mediterraneus, deriving from the Iberian or Romanesque trunk.

Due to its genetics and lack of crosses with other races, it has a greater ability to infiltrate intramuscular fat. This explains the marbled ribs that give the meat a unique texture and unctuousness, and an unmistakable taste and aroma.

The Pig black briefcase in total freedom in the field for 18 to 24 months in extensive regime. He walks about 3 hours a day, in search of available food (acorn and grass).

At the time of "montanheira" (November to March) feeds particularly on acorn, from 7 to 10 kg per day an increase 1 kg of weight daily, until it reaches 160 kg.